About the Book

There’s a lot of wishful thinking – or sloppy thinking – in the world of training and learning.  If there’s a bandwagon rolling by, you can bet a training company will jump on it. Complete Training seeks to sort out the reliable from the hopelessly unrealistic and to propose a long overdue and rigorous approach to workplace training based on using the best of scientific research into how we learn in concert with a robust appraisal of the realities of work in modern organisations.

As organisations seek to change to reflect the new global environment, people with the right skills and capabilities, developed through a systematic approach to melding the best practice in training into a usable framework, can deliver increased performance. But this is not easy and it requires a step change in the way organisations think about employee capability.

This book is aimed at those involved in the day to day delivery of workplace training. As well as a users’ guide to L&D interventions, Complete Training will also be of use to those in other HR and capability development roles – from the sales manager trying to build a high performing team of sales reps, to the HR Director charged by the board with the responsibility for delivering the talent recruitment and retention policies which will secure sustainable success.

Complete Training is uncompromising in its exposé of some of the reasons why training doesn’t work and lambasts those in search of the magic bullet or quick fix.  It outlines a series of activities which all training departments can be involved in and which will, when combined effectively, deliver a new respect for training as the driver of growth and value.