Orators needed

50 years after the momentous speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s speech still acts as a benchmark for those wanting to inspire change in an audience.

Comparisons with current events and what passes for discussion, debate and analysis in 2013 is sobering and deeply concerning.

As those involved in learning, we need to up the game and help people feel impassioned about the changes which they could make. My take on the comparison between the events of 50 years ago and recent news events here

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Latest Newsletter

To mark the launch of the new, free online module for those interested in implementing the approaches advocated in Complete Training the latest newsletter provides details of how to access the module. There’s also additional information about the 25% discount and free P&P offer from the publisher of Complete Training, Kogan Page.

Click here to see the latest edition and subscribe to future copies.

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Online module launched

To help people who might be interested in implementing the ideas contained in Complete Training, I’ve created a short online module which reinforces the main points from the Manifesto.

You can access the module here.

I’d love to know what you think about it.


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Complete Training in the shops

Complete Training from recruitment to retirement was published by Kogan Page worldwide on May 3rd. It”s available in paperback or e-book from all good retailers and some which are frankly average.

If you want to purchase a copy with free P&P in the UK and 25% discount (worldwide) simply click here and enter the code COMPTR13 when you get to the check out.

The hope is that the book becomes a guide for those involved in learning and development to re-focus their practice, adopting the joined up, evidence based approach which I advocate.  In order to help you do this, this site also includes a whole range of other resources around the Complete Training philosophy.

In the ‘About the book’ section you can find the quotes I use in the book from people with much bigger brains than mine.  I’ve also extracted a few pithey one-liners from the book in the ‘quotes form the book’ page.  Feel free to use these in support of essays you may write, presentations you may give or reports you need to circulate.  All I ask is that you say where you got them from.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be putting other resources up here – including PPT slides; mini-online modules, workshop exercises and formats for pre- and post-workshop learning.  These are also free to use so long as you say where you got them from.

If you agree with anything you read in the book, disagree (violently or not), or just want to chat about the ideas contained in there and the experiences which have formed them – then use the contact form to get in touch.  I look forward to having a conversation with you.

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